We understand the unique concerns that farm and ranch families have.

We have been assisting farm and ranch clients with their planning for many years. We understand the unique concerns that farm and ranch families have to maintain the integrity of the Family operation, to protect the family members involved in production and yet be fair to other family members. We understand that in farm and ranch situations, a fair distribution of property is not always an equal distribution of property.

We show our farm and ranch clients how to use the cost basis rules to save capital gains tax.

However farm planning goes beyond these concerns. We show our clients how to protect their child’s inheritance in case their child is later divorced and also to preserve the farm operation in the family by ensuring that it will pass to your grandchildren instead of your child’s spouse. In our legacy planning strategies, we show our clients how they can maintain their operation in the family for generations to come. When a farm estate plan is completed, the relief our clients feel is very apparent.

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